Monday, September 1, 2008

Designing your space for the first time?

Most people seeking professional consultation to get their spaces designed for the first time, have a few common anxieties - like whether the architect would respect their allocaton of budget.... whether their vision of the ready product would be taken into consideration by the architect while designing the space.... is their current availability of funds enough for their vision of home..... whether a residential space would end up looking like a hotel much soul would the designed space have....

Let us attempt to sort out some of these....


It is very important to employ an architect only after you have evaluated their past work and their style of budgeting. Every architect has his/her own method to the process, and no particular process can be classified as the 'Best'. You need to find one that suits your requirements the best. One good way to approach a design professional, is by mentioning 5 things clearly and honestly over email first -

  • site plan of your space
  • your budget
  • your vision of the end-product
  • your deadline for project completion

The agency may reply to you about their availability for project evaluation. Make sure to ask about the agency's fees for first consultation and site-visit.

Every space is unique and so is the client. Employ an architect who insists on visiting the site (and you - the proposed user of the space) personally at least once, to have a feel of your specific and unique requirements. Before the project goes on floors, it is always better to have a written agreement with detailed specifications on the allocation of budget, list of items and quality of work agreed upon within that budget.

From the next post, we'll discuss pointers on how you can keep yourself involved in the creation of your property.

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