Monday, September 1, 2008

Save your Project

Successful execution of any project requires at least the following 4 agencies to work efficiently at an independent level as well as in co-ordination with each other -

  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Quality Assurance Authority
  • Project Manager

No matter how small the project, allow sufficient time for development of theme, working drawings, budget management and project management schedules. An unplanned or hasty venture will end up consuming more time for execution and will cause wastage of money. Yet if you are looking out for a fast make-over of the space, remember to alert the design agency about the same in advance.

When the designer proposes an idea, do feel free to ask for options if you feel apprehensive at any stage of the design. You need to evaluate your choices before finalizing on a particular item for your space. Remember that it is you, and not the architect, who is slated to occupy the premises after it is ready. Any design has its foremost priority to make the space most comfortable for its proposed occupants. Find it your duty to convey your honest and frank feedback on the proposed design to the architect from time to time during the design phase itself. Amendments made later... during project execution, may lead to delay in completion.

Insist on having a demonstration of the finished product ....your designed space... in the form of handsketches or digital visualizations. Find time to check on at least the major design accessories, color, texture and lighting of surfaces. In another forthcoming post, we'll discover how these aspects end up affecting the occupants' psychology as prolonged environmental surroundings.

An architect is the captain of the project. It is imperative to find one who matches your sensibilities and sensitivities the best. Also, it may help your interests to have your designer assume responsibility for various faculties of project execution - design, contract, quality assurance of materials and project management. This will help you considerably in optimizing project execution values.

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