Friday, August 15, 2008

I see BLUE

Like every other year, this time too....the internet is being flooded with greetings for a Happy Indian Independence Day......whatever that means.

Most pictures proudly show off the saffron, white and green combination in different representations, different orientations - slant, vertical , inverted.....wonder if it remains the Indian Flag anymore. Why, we even refer to it as the 'tri-color' or Tirangaa.

Here, have a sample -

There are around 24 countries in the world that include saffron, white and green in their national flags. What sets the Indian flag apart is its Blue Ashoka Chakra.... conveniently omitted in most modern representations. Isn't it vital to include this symbol of 24x7 dedication to work, especially in an age when Indians are indeed working at a scale that knows no limits to working hours?!!

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